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Attracting new customers for an eCommerce business

Customers. Customers. Customers.

They are the key to any business. Be it a small retail store, a travel business, or a multi-national eCommerce platform, customers determine how well your business performs.

Here we are going to talk about attracting new customers for an eCommerce platform. However, these tactics can also be used in any other business. At the same time, don’t forget to retain your existing customers.

Be seen:

Nobody is going to visit your platform unless they know it exists. So, it is essential to focus on visibility, especially in the beginning days. Some of the best ways to increase visibility are advertisements, giveaways, influencer marketing, and SEO.

Advertisement includes everything from TV commercials, print ads, radio slots, and billboards to cheaper forms such as digital marketing.While digital marketing is very diverse, you could focus on google ads and social media ads. 

Giveaways are exciting. Your customers, both old and new, love them. So, if you’re organizing any contest or giveaways where people can get something, it’s bound to create some noise. People will talk about it with other people, which helps a great deal in increasing your visibility.

Influencer marketing is known to create 11 times more results than any other form of advertisement. Therefore, 94% of marketers use this tactic. However, it is crucial to make sure that you get the right influencer for your business.

SEO is the key when it comes to eCommerce. Having your page rank on the top 5 in google could help you get new customers. You can use a mix of relevant long-tail, short-tail, and LSI keywords with high monthly search volumes to achieve a page one ranking,

Remember your USP

What’s new or special about your eCommerce platform? That’s an attractive hook when it comes to attracting new customers. At the same time, understanding your niche also helps you know your target audience. The most common mistake new businesses make is that they want to be known for everything. With such mixed information going out from the brand, many times they are not known for anything at all.

Know your customer

While it would be super cool to say that everyone is your possible customers, it would create a diverse strategy that does not catch anybody’s attention. So, it is essential to understand the type of people that visit your platform.

Some of the best ways to know your customers are market research, social media analytics, google analytics, generalized trends extracted from your customer databases, and third-party market research and demographic data.

After you know your customer, it is much easier to customize your website to fit their interest, build a community, and spark communication.

While new customers are exciting, it is essential to retain them and make them a loyal customer. Stay tuned for our next article to know how to retain existing customers for an eCommerce business.

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